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"Calla Lily"  20"x48" oil on canvas, 2010

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This is great! There have been many studies that now show that women see colour better than men.

Click on the link to take this test...see how you score. 

Below is the YouTube video of 5oo portraits of women in Western Art by Philip Scott Johnson, OUTSTANDING!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Colour Test!
Take the colour test and post your results.
My score was 8. Remember, the lower...the better!
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Okay, so I just changed the settings on the blog so now you can post if you wish and the posts here will be monitored...but besides that I added a link above here to test your colour aptitude. It's fun even if a bit I hope that you enjoy! Wendy
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

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Just learning how and what to post...Please enjoy the O'Keeffe videos (I still can't find part 2 yet).If anyone can find part 2, please let me know.

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This is a link to "The Painter's Keys". I think this is a wonderful resource for Artists!

This is a wonderful Youtube video of Georgia O'Keeffe:
These Georgia O'Keeffe videos are credited to The Maryland Humanities Council (Thank You)!

This is the link to Part 3...(I hope that I find Part 2, quickly). I will have part 2 posted soon thanks to The Maryland Humanities Council !

"Four Tomatoes and a Duck" oil on canvas 12" X 24" (sold)
I keep thinking about women and the Arts...but more specifically, Moms that are Artists...there are so very few.
Here is a preview and link below to a documentary on the subject.